Entrepreneurs are busy right?  There’s deadlines to meet, emails to respond to, clients to take care of.  You spend a vast majority of the day switching between tasks and jumping from one priority to another.  Deadlines get missed and important tasks are forgotten.  Your mind is constantly spinning with everything you need to do, and you feel overwhelmed, stressed and ready to explode!  Our answer?  The simple To-Do List!

I know, I know – you don’t like having a To-Do List for a whole range of reasons including:

  • It reduces flexibility in your day
  • Feeling tied to a list isn’t your style
  • You can remember everything you need to do
  • You’ll never stick to the list anyway
  • It’s never worked for you before

But hear me out on this okay?

1. To-Do Lists Create a Sense of Order

Writing down everything you must do on a list gets it out of your mind and in an orderly space.  It gives you the ability to see everything you need to do all with a quick glance at a page.  It reduces your mental clutter and stress, allowing you to focus on the important things you really should be doing.

Yes, they may make your day a little less flexible, but by being more orderly, you’ll achieve so much more in your day and will feel a sense of satisfaction when you cross completed items off your list, instead of feeling the stress of all your outstanding tasks floating around in your mind.

Remember that your list can be flexible when you need it though.  Simple re-prioritise your actions for the day.  It’s your list – you get to choose what goes on there and what doesn’t,

2. To-Do Lists Assist you to Prioritise

Using a To-Do List will help you to prioritise the tasks you want to complete first and what can late until a bit later.

When everything is stored in your mind, you skip from one project to another depending on what moves to the top of your mind.  When everything is written on a To Do List, you can read over all your tasks and assign priorities to them all.  You can decide if they need to be done today, tomorrow, next week, or maybe even never!

Through prioritising your tasks, you’ll help to alleviate stress even further as you can clearly see what needs to be worked on today and you don’t need to focus on all the other tasks for the moment.  You can’t do that when everything is stored in your head and it so it contributes to feelings of stress and overwhelm

3. To-Do Lists Help you Delegate

When you have your list written and you’ve priorities your tasks, you can then also review your list and determine what can be delegated or outsourced to someone else.  You can see if there’s tasks that can be delayed and you can also see if there’s tasks that really don’t even need to be done at all!

Have a critical review of your list and strike off anything that has no impact if it doesn’t get achieved.  See!  You feel a sense of satisfaction and relief already, don’t you?

4. To Do Lists Help you Fill Gaps of Time

Do you know how much time you waste?  Say for example you finish working on a task and you’ve got 10 or 15 minutes before you’re next meeting starts.  What do you do with those minutes?  Fluff some papers on your desk?  Chat to your team?  Re=check your emails?  Usually you’ll find some ‘busy’ work to fill the time, but you don’t actually achieve anything.

Having a To Do List would allow you to skim the list and find a task that will take you 10 or so minutes to complete and you get something worthwhile completed in that time.

Many people waste a lot of time each day simply by doing ‘busy’ work when they’re swapping between tasks or waiting for their next appointment.

5. A To Do List Won’t Forget

Be honest here.  How many times have you forgotten to do something, or missed a deadline?  Or perhaps submitted something that wasn’t your best work because you’d forgotten about it until the last minute?

A To-Do List doesn’t forget, and once you’re in the habit of writing everything down on your list and reviewing and prioritising your list daily, you’ll find that these sorts or occurrences begin to happen a lot less frequently.  No more stress or panic when you suddenly remember that all important client presentation that’s due tomorrow!

Quite simply, using a To Do List helps you become and stay more organised.  You’ll achieve more in your day and have a greater sense of satisfaction when you can look at everything you’ve completed.  You’ll feel less stressed and overwhelmed and begin to feel more organised and in control of your day.

Your list can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be and remember that you can make it as flexible as you want.  It’s your list so make it work for you.

Good luck with working on your To Do List!  For some other time saving tips, have a read of my blog on Top 5 Time Saving Tips and let me know what you think.  Do you have any other tips or benefits you’ve found with your To Do List?  Share in the comments below.

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