Keynote Speaker for your Event

Keynote Speaker & Conference Speaker

Keynote and Conference speeches can be developed to suit your audience and your theme for the day.  Drawing on personal experiences after working for large corporations, small to medium enterprises and from being an entrepreneur, I’ve seen and experienced a lot of success as well as extreme failure resulting from too much red tape and bureaucracy blocking any chance of progress to SME’s not having the knowledge or skills to implememnt positive and lasting changes for success; and I have a vast knowledge to bring to your event as your Keynote Speaker.

Away Days & Team Workshops

Away Days and Team Workshops are an excellent opportunity to share your vision with your team and to ensure they gain the same clarity around success as you have.  I ican tailor your event to suit your audience and your theme and exposing your team to the necessary knowlege and skills to take your business to the next level.  Events can be done in either 90 minutes, 1/2 or full day workshops covering any of the topics listed below.  Contact me if your topic isn’t listed and we can discuss how I can help you and your team.

Service Features


Keynote speeches set the theme and tone for your entire event so you need to make sure your speaker not only knows their topic but is also engaging and motivating to the audience to get them inspired ready for the next speaker.   As your keynote speaker, I use personal experiences and anecdotes to keep your audience engaged whilst also providing real knowledge and tips they can take away from the event.


Conferences are where we get into the real action, and teaching and where your audience receives the valuable take home actions that they can implement to start making positive changes.  Conference speeches can be 90 minute informational, or they can take on aspects of the workshops and away days to suit your needs.  Contact me to discuss your needs further.



Workshops can be custom designed to suit your audience, your requirements and your team and are either 1/2 day (4 hours) or full day (7.5 hours).  Workshops can be designed and tailored to suit any number of participants and any of the topics listed to the right.  Contact me to discuss your event or if you require a workshop on any other topics not listed. 


Away Days

Away Days can be tailored to suit your needs whether that be a Keynote style speech, or to include the aspects of a 1/2 or full day workshop.  Contact me to discuss your requirements.

Topics for all services can include:

  • Clarity
  • Goal Setting
  • Productivity
  • Mindset
  • Change Management
  • Business Process Management 
  • Self Care

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