• 5 Productivity Habits that can transform your life

    For years, I struggled with organization, productivity and being consistent with positive habits. Many times, I felt overwhelmed and tired from doing many things… Yes, I did many things but didn’t get too far. I realized I did too much but most of those things were not the ones that made me more productive and brought more flow into my life. 

    In the search of finding ways to be more productive I found my 5 top things that I practice to make the most of my days. For today’s blog entry I wanted to share them with you. Hopefully these will help you as much as they have helped me. 

    My top 5 productivity habits are:

    1. Tracking my time: 

    When we have a clear idea of how much time tasks take, we are able to prioritize them. Use a phone or a kitchen timer and start timing your daily tasks. When I started doing this I was surprised at how long the tasks actually took vs how long I thought/perceived the tasks took. Try it! You might be surprised.

    2. Having a morning routine:

    Creating a morning routine can be a game changer. Having a solid and positive morning routine can set you up for days filled with ease. Include activities that propel you into the day with energy and set your best intentions.

    3. Delegating:

    We want to do it all but the truth is that most of the days, we fall short of this unrealistic expectation. Delegating can not only involve people in our lives and give them important participation but also frees our time to tackle the things we can only do ourselves.

    4. Taking care of my energy levels:

    How productive you are might be correlated to how energetic you feel. Make sure to take care of your energy levels. This can include taking care of  your  nutrition and what you are consuming physically and mentally/emotionally

    5. Practicing  gratitude:

    Gratitude can change the most difficult of moments in opportunities for learning and growth. We are not perfect and wanting to create the perfect day and tackle all we want tackle is a perfectionist goal that is not attainable. By practicing gratitude, we can live in the present and be appreciative of it. This can create momentum and consistency in your days.

    Being able to share these with you brings me so much joy. No day is perfect but we can definitely make our days flow in better ways and in turn create more time to do the things we love the most. 

  • When things are really not as hard as we think they are.

    I was texting with my husband a few weeks back and noticed that he was ending some of his sentences with questions marks. The sentences were not questions and it almost seemed as if somebody else had his phone. Days later I asked him why he was ending random sentences with question marks. He asked me what I meant and I showed him some examples. 

    He had told me that he had included emojis but somehow, they had ended as question marks. At the moment, we thought it would be a project to fix the issue. We started to think-Would it need a complete update? would we have to take the phone to get checked?  Out of the blue we decided to do a quick search and lo and behold-the solution was right in front of us in the form of a tech issue thread. 

    A man had the same issue and explained how to fix it. Within 15 seconds and 4 clicks later the issue was completely fixed. No trips to the phone store, no lengthy software updates and no wanting to throw the phone against the wall (just kidding!) needed! In all it took 15 seconds to solve an issue we were starting to kind of dread taking care of. Although this happened a few weeks ago, I decided to share it today as it came to mind and it speaks to how at times our minds can make situations or projects way harder than they really are. 

    I really hope this is your reminder to take a moment and ask yourself if that task that you are dreading to take care is really as hard as you are thinking it is. Odds are that it might really not be.  

  • Living in the Moment

    This week has been a busy one. Full of deadlines, things to do, chores to complete and getting ready for an upcoming trip. As I was driving to the store to pick up some items, I looked up to the sky. It was beautiful, the clouds were perfectly formed and the sky had the perfect hint of blue. It looked like a work of art. 

        The sky had been like that all day and probably all week but I had not noticed it. I asked myself how I didn’t notice such a beautiful sight and it I realized that I had been so preoccupied with my to-do list and my routine that I forgot to be present in the moment, to see the beauty of my surroundings and to enjoy all the great things in my life. Immediately, I made a promise to myself to “stop and smell the roses” as much as I can, literally and figuratively, to look at the beautiful skies, to enjoy a cup of coffee to the fullest and all the other things that at times we might take for granted.

        I wanted to share this story to remind you to be present in the moment, enjoy the sights, and to not miss the beautiful and peaceful that’s all around us. 

    “Life gives you plenty of time to do whatever you want to do if you stay in the present moment.”-Deepak Chopra

  • Are you making things harder by Procrastinating?

    I know I have! Even as a lover of all related to productivity I still fall prey to the dreaded but popular procrastination. I wanted to share  a story from this week that shows how procrastination can affect us. I finally got to make a call about a refund for a service that was billed in error. I had postponed this call for a week thinking that it would take a long time and that it would be difficult. I finally called and not only did I get to talk to an excellent customer rep, but I also got the refund immediately and even an apology for the error! It all took less than 10 minutes from the time I dialed the number to the end of the call.  Why did I wait so long to make this call that took less than 10 minutes? Why did I postponed getting my money back for a week? It all boiled down to one thing-I perceived the process to be way harder and bigger than it was.  

    There is a quote by Richard Miller that states “If you want an easy job to seem mighty hard, just keep putting if off.” This quote made me think of all the times I have made a task or a project much harder than it is just by procrastinating and postponing it. Almost all those times, the “thing” I was postponing took less than half the time that I had expected and was nowhere near as complicated as I had made it to be. 

    I decided to share this quote with you because I feel it can resonate with so many of us. Have you had experiences like this? Can you resonate with it? Do you have any projects, calls, or tasks that you have been postponing? If so, you are definitely not alone!  

    This is your reminder to take action and make those “hard” jobs turn into easy ones by tackling them!

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