When things are really not as hard as we think they are.

I was texting with my husband a few weeks back and noticed that he was ending some of his sentences with questions marks. The sentences were not questions and it almost seemed as if somebody else had his phone. Days later I asked him why he was ending random sentences with question marks. He asked me what I meant and I showed him some examples. 

He had told me that he had included emojis but somehow, they had ended as question marks. At the moment, we thought it would be a project to fix the issue. We started to think-Would it need a complete update? would we have to take the phone to get checked?  Out of the blue we decided to do a quick search and lo and behold-the solution was right in front of us in the form of a tech issue thread. 

A man had the same issue and explained how to fix it. Within 15 seconds and 4 clicks later the issue was completely fixed. No trips to the phone store, no lengthy software updates and no wanting to throw the phone against the wall (just kidding!) needed! In all it took 15 seconds to solve an issue we were starting to kind of dread taking care of. Although this happened a few weeks ago, I decided to share it today as it came to mind and it speaks to how at times our minds can make situations or projects way harder than they really are. 

I really hope this is your reminder to take a moment and ask yourself if that task that you are dreading to take care is really as hard as you are thinking it is. Odds are that it might really not be.  


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